Plant Growth Light

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(1) Description:

1. High Quality Light Strip: Super bright 5050 SMD LED with excellent quality. Red & Blue = 3:1 or 4: 1 or 5:1 for choice, or custom the color is accepted. Blue color promote plant growth, red color help plants flowering and germination. This is why Indoor seeds or plants need most about our plant strip.

2. Easy Installation: Powered by 12V voltage, safe voltage and better radiating to ensure that the rope lights powered with enough energy and heat, keep lights 8-20 inches distance above plants.

3. Can be Cut: The plant growth light is flexible and soft, can be cut into any length you need, and the rest will not be damaged. In this way, you can stick it on any clean and dry surface above plants, so that it can be adjusted and fixed and the plants can absorb the light better.

4. Safe & Wildly Use: Waterproof and splashing-proof, has no Infrared or Ultraviolet light that might hurt eyes. Great for plant tissue culture, indoor garden, vegetable cultivation, pot plants, garden, seeding, breeding, farmland, spray plant, greenhouse plants, aquarium, pipeline cultivation, succulent, flowering, etc.

(2) Specification:

Type: Plant Grow LED Light Strip

Waterproof: IP65 waterproof

LED Type: SMD 5050

LED Quantity: 60LED/M (Red:Blue = 3:1 or 4: 1 or 5:1 or custom)

Light Color: red and blue

Voltage: DC 12V

Strip Length: 16.4ft/5 Meters

Strip Wideth: 10mm

(3) TIPS:

1. This red blue plant grow LED strip light is not full spectrum, it adopts normal red and blue 5050 SMD LED, it is an auxiliary light to assist the plant growth. The specific effect is determined by different plants and use environment.

2. We recommend that you first illuminate the plants with high-power full-spectrum light, and then use this red and blue ratio light strip as the auxiliary light.

3. This strip light PPFD is 40 umol/m*2/s at 6 inches.

4. The best lighting time is about 8-12 hours, the best distance is 15-20 inches, you can adjust it depends on actual environment.

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